After just a few years in the market, crowdfunding boosted over 150 startups nationwide, largely specializing in real estate. Today, nearly 7% of the U.S population is an accredited investor, and in a dense setting like Southern California, this number is 20%. Software platforms, such as CrowdEngine, RealtyShares, CrowdForce, and more, make it possible to legally raise money from the general public, with some going as far as attracting 90% of equity requirement through direct community contributions. Data analytics applications like Rentlytics, on the other hand, give owners greater transparency into the performance and management of their portfolios. With a robust background in developing state-of-the-art properties for the past 35 years, Kenny Slaught believes that, in real estate tech, California is among the most active states in the market right now. Using cutting-edge innovation tools to pool capital, borrowers and sponsors have raised more than $53 million through 90 residential, multifamily, and commercial properties in Sacramento, San Francisco, and beyond.

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Kenny Slaught – Perks Of Crowdfunding For Real Estate Investment Coming Forth

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