Despite having been around for just a couple of years, real estate crowdfunding developed more than 150 companies in US. About 20% of Southern California’s residents are accredited investors. In other US regions, the number is closer to 7%. Sites like CrowdEngine, RealtyShares and CrowdForce made it easy by allowing public donations. Some of them gathered close to 90% of equity requirement from the community. Owners are able to easier access and manage their portfolios with data analytics apps like Rentlytics. Having been in the real estate business for 35 years, Kenny Slaught believes that California is a strong market presence. This is possible thanks to the modern strategies to pool capital. As such, borrowers and lenders were able to raise over $53 million in properties with various uses, in Sacramento, San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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Kenny Slaught – Perks Of Crowdfunding For Real Estate Investment Coming Forth

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